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International Students

The highest quality education in a a safe and culturally accepting environment

Welcoming International Students

At Island Catholic Schools, International students are an integral part of our student body and are welcomed from all over the world.

International students are fully integrated with Canadian students for durations of one or two semesters and all the way up to graduation.

Island Catholic Schools offers a safe and culturally accepting environment where students receive the highest quality learning experience from our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Our teaching faculties have completed university level training in education, achieving a bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees in their chosen subject area.

How To Apply


Submit An Application

All applicants are required to submit the following:

  • A completed International Application Form
  • Copies of officially translated school report cards for the last 2 academic years
  • Principal’s Recommendation Form (completed by a principal of the student’s current school)
  • English Teacher’s Recommendation Form
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport (first page)
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s Baptismal certificate (if applicable)
  • A completed Financial Responsibility Form
  • A signed Parents/Student Agreement Form
  • A $250.00 CDN non-refundable application fee

Please send the completed application form and all supporting documentation to the school you are apply. Click here for all of school’s addresses.


Interview With School Administration & Campus Tour

After the application form, required supporting documentation, and application fee have been submitted, the parents and/or guardians of the applicant are asked to contact our school office to arrange the next step in the admissions process, the interview with school administration if possible. Following this interview with the Principal or Vice Principal, a tour of the campus to view our facilities and classes may be organized if requested and time allows. English Proficiency Testing may also be required at all grade levels.




After review of supporting documentation and assessments, applicants who are serious in their interest in one of our schools are given consideration for admission. It is the school’s policy to advise prospective families of admission acceptance as soon as possible. Notification of acceptance is sent via letter which will include the invoice for international tuition and homestay fees. A Wire Transfer is the preferred method of payment from overseas. Once the tuition fees have been received by ICS, a letter of confirmation stating that tuition fees have been paid in full will be issued for immigration purposes.


When it is clear one of our schools is not the right fit for the student, or will have difficulty being admitted because of limited space, prospective parents are immediately advised. These difficult decisions are made with careful consideration and with the best interest of the student in mind. If an applicant is not granted a place due to availability of space, the student will be automatically wait-listed and may be reconsidered in light of unexpected enrollment changes in the late spring and summer.

Hear From Our Teachers

“Leaving an island paradise, travelling thousands of miles, and settling in another island paradise was totally unexpected when I came to Canada. Vancouver Island and Victoria have everything one needs to live a fulfilling life – mountains for skiing, hiking, and camping. Lakes and rivers for canoeing, tubing, and fishing. The ocean for surfing, kayaking, and whale watching. Bike paths abound for avid or casual cycling. Music and art festivals during the summer. Fabulous dining. To top it all off, ICS has been a wonderful employer who, for the past 35 years, has allowed me to experience this and raise a family.”

Ian Emtage, Grade 7 Teacher, St. Patrick's Elementary School

Resources of International Students

Learn more about Vancouver Island as your study destination!

About Victoria

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is a community of choice for its temperate climate, natural beauty, recreational sites and superior economic opportunities. Victoria has a population of approximately 78,000. The city is alive with people and activity. Victoria has been blessed with a wealth of natural and man-made riches, including stunning heritage architecture framed by ocean views and mountain vistas. It is this rare juxtaposition of heritage charm, scenic backdrop and modern city-scape that makes Victoria one of the most uniquely special places in Canada. Millions visit our city every year and enjoy the natural beauty, temperate climate and heritage charm Victoria offers it citizens everyday.

About The Alberni Valley

Port Alberni, a gateway to the West Coast, is a popular location on Vancouver Island. With many Old Growth forests, fishing, and being so close to Pacific Rim National Park, Port Alberni offers an abundant opportunity for outdoor recreation. Port Alberni has a population of about 20,000 and although it is a growing community, still offers a safe, clean, and friendly place to study.

International student tuition fees


International students coming to Island Catholic Schools may wish to stay with a Canadian family approved by the school.

Homestay typically applies to secondary school students. We take great care in finding a suitable family by having the student fill out a homestay placement application and match them with a compatible family based on their answers. We consider the homestay family a very important part of the International Student Program. Families provide not just room and board, but they become friends and guides in a new culture. It allows the student to improve his or her English at a faster rate, experience Canadian culture, and to participate in the everyday activities of a Canadian family.

Homestay families develop and maintain a relationship with the International student which includes encouraging good healthy habits and relationships. Homestay parents become partners in the learning process. They nurture appropriate study habits in the student and share success and concerns with the International Coordinator. The international student becomes a participating member of a homestay family.

Our Homestay Coordinator interviews and screens all homestay families to ensure a safe, caring environment for the student. In many cases, one of the family’s children already attends the school at which the international student will be attending. We encourage the homestay families to keep in touch with the school regarding all aspects of the student’s welfare. The administration and faculty will, in return, keep the families informed at all times regarding academic and behavioral progress. Students are provided with all meals and snacks and a private furnished room. In addition, the Homestay Coordinator is responsible for the on-going monitoring of the family and student throughout the year.

Click for further information on our homestay program and application process.

Hosting An International Student

Hosting international students is a wonderful opportunity to develop a friendship with someone of a totally different culture.

The friendship grows from an understanding and acceptance of two different cultures that the student and family introduce to each other.

Host families develop and maintain a relationship with the International Student which includes encouraging good healthy habits and relationships. Homestay parents become partners in the learning process. They nurture appropriate study habits in the student. Even if the student is only with a family for a short-stay program, he/she becomes a participating member of the homestay family. Remember, the main role of the host family is to provide a safe, comfortable home environment within which the student feels at ease and is encouraged to use his/her English-speaking skills.

Click learn more for further information on being a Host Family including application process.

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