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Catholic Education in the Victoria, BC

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St. Patrick's is a vibrant, fully alive, Christian community, rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church and committed to excellence.


Our Educational Philosophy

St. Patrick’s offers a challenging and dynamic academic program that follows the curriculum outlined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. In this positive, faith-based learning environment, students engage in learning as a life-long process, becoming independent and critical thinkers who accept responsibility for themselves and their community. Our extracurricular program extends learning opportunities, inspiring students to explore their potential in athletics, fine arts and community service. St. Patrick’s is a nurturing place where: Student progress report (report cards) are issued three times a year. Two Parent-Teacher interview sessions are scheduled. One is scheduled for the first term and a Student-Led Conference is scheduled for the second term. Parents may request an additional conference with the teacher at any time during the school year.

Fine Arts

St. Patrick's School offers a Fine Arts program that includes Visual Arts, Speech Arts, an award winning Primary and Intermediate Choir, Intermediate Band, Irish Dance.

Visual Arts

With a dedicated art room our students can use their imagination and creativity in an open and expressive environment. The school offers a Music Program consisting of Choir, and Band for grade five, six and seven students. Both the choir and bands perform annually at the Christmas Concert and ICS Spring Showcase along with other ad hoc performances, as opportunities permit, throughout the year.


St. Patrick’s School offers a comprehensive music program to students from Kindergarten through Grade 7.

In addition to general music classes, St. Patrick’s also offers an extensive choral program as an extra-curricular for students who are interested in singing. St. Patrick’s has a primary choir for students in Gr.2-3, and an intermediate choir for students in Gr.4-7.

The choir is one of the top ranked choirs in British Columbia, and has won a number of awards at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival.


Primary Athletics (Grades K-3)

Each class will participate in gym class twice a week. Each class will begin with a vigorous warm-up followed by a skill developing activity that will then be used in a concluding game at the end of each class. The Primary program consists of 3 major components – games, gymnastics and dance. Athletes will explore a variety of games that foster the development of a number of skills that will involve projection, receiving and retaining of objects with hands, feet and equipment such as scoops, tennis racquets and baseball bats. Modified equipment is used to ensure safety and success. Modified traditional games of soccer, basketball and volleyball will also be explored. In gymnastics the athlete will explore shapes, balances, levels, directions and space using partners and/or groups on mats, ropes, trestle equipment and through the use of a parachute. Although students only take two gym classes per week, they have opportunities to participate in physical activities at recess, lunch hour, swimming lessons and in our new Action Schools program (in grade 3 you can also join the Cross Country and Track & Field teams).

Welcome to an exciting year in sports! The primary program will progressively teach each athlete the fundamental skills of games, dance, and gymnastic activities during which maximum enjoyment, participation, development and growth of each student are accomplished in a positive, encouraging and sportsmanlike environment.

Sportsmanship and participation are stressed each class and remains two of the most important goals of the physical education program.

All students must wear proper gym strip to every P.E. class. This includes: St. Patrick’s issued green t-shirt, St. Patrick’s issued athletic shorts (navy), white socks, and non-marking athletic shoes (preferably lace up)

Athletes may also wear St. Patrick’s track suits, sweat tops, and sweat pants over top of the gym strip. Because we have beautiful gym floors, it is imperative that every student’s non-marking athletic shoes remain at school for the entire year. This will ensure that shoes remain clean and also help eliminate one item that is being carried back and forth to school. As the weather becomes nice in the spring, we would ask that parents also send outdoor runners as well.

It is our hope and expectation that every athlete give their best effort and attitude to every challenge that is place before them as that is the sign of a true champion! Every class, one or more students will be awarded “Player of the Day”. This reward will be chosen based on ability, attitude, character, commitment, courage, determination, effort, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and listening.

Intermediate Athletics (Grades 4–7)

The intermediate physical education program is a well balanced program which includes opportunities for participation in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities from across the five activity categories that enable students to develop a range of non-locomotor, locomotor and manipulative movement skills.

The five activity categories are:

  • Alternative Environment Activities
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Individual & Dual Activities

The physical education program is supplemented by intramurals that occur twice a week during lunch hours. We encourage all athletes by join!

Each class is planned so that every athlete, regardless of skills or ability, is actively involved within a supportive, enjoyable and sportsmanlike environment.

In order to participate safely in each exciting class, an athlete must wear proper gym strip.

The proper gym strip must include:

  • St. Patrick’s issued green t-shirt
  • St. Patrick’s issued athletic shorts (navy)
  • White socks
  • Non-marking athletic shoes (preferably lace up)

Athletes may also wear St. Patrick’s track suits, sweat tops and sweat pants over top of the gym strip. As we have such beautiful gym floors, it is imperative that every student’s non-marking athletic shoes remain at school for the entire year. This will ensure that shoes remain clean and also help eliminate one item that is being carried back and forth to school. We also ask for outdoor shoes to be brought to school as the athletes will be playing games on the field during fall and spring.

Every St. Patrick’s athlete is encouraged to join one or all of the following teams:

  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Track and Field

We are always looking for committed, disciplined and determined athletes who are not afraid of hard work to join in on the success our school is known for.

Athletic News

Please click here for the current activities in our Athletics Department!

Hear From Our Students

Students were asked to write what they liked about our school and what made it special.

“When I came to St. Patrick’s I was a very shy girl; it was difficult for me to leave my mother’s safe and loving arms. St. Patrick’s, especially the teachers, helped me with this. Now that I’m in grade seven I look back and realize there was never once that I felt ignored or uncared for. I will never forget St. Patrick’s and what it did for me.” – Emma

Beliefs & Values

As a Catholic school community, dedicated to the spirit of Christian education, our mission is:

To create an educational environment that allows each child to experience Spiritual, Physical, Academic and Emotional Growth while acquiring the skills and Christian values necessary to lead a full, rich and rewarding life in Christ.

We acknowledge that parents are the primary educators of their children. Working in partnership with parents, we provide an education that fulfills each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, social and cultural needs. Each child at St. Patrick’s is unique and is encouraged to be the best he or she can be while sharing his or her gifts and talents.

Our Parish

St. Patrick's Parish

Father William, born and raised in Newfoundland, came to B.C. as a teacher in 1989. He first taught in Tahsis on Vancouver Island and then was employed by the Island Catholic School System, first teaching at Queen of Angels School in Duncan before moving on to St. Andrew’s Regional High School in Victoria. After responding to a call to the priesthood, he was ordained on August 15, 2004 by Bishop Richard Gagnon. He then spent one year as assistant pastor at St. Elizabeth’s in Sydney, B.C. and from 2005 to 2006 he did a residency in clinical pastoral education at the University of Alberta hospital before being appointed pastor at St. Joseph the Worker parish in May of 2006. In July 2015, after nine satisfying years at St. Joseph the Worker, Fr. William moved and became the Pastor of Holy Cross Parish in Victoria. Currently, he services as the pastor of both Holy Cross Parish and St. Patrick’s Parish.

Being ordained at an older age meant that Fr. William brought much life experience to his ministry along with a depth of understanding and great compassion for the people he ministers to. Besides being a dynamic parish administrator, he also utilizes his gifts in a variety of ways. He is presently the Episcopal Vicar of Diocesan Catholic Schools and Evangelization, and a member on the Island Catholic Schools Board of Directors. He is also the past Vice President of the Western Federation of Priests.

Fr. William Hann, School Pastor (St. Patrick's and Holy Cross Parishes)

Fr. William is a ‘generator’. While being utterly faithful to the teachings of the Church, he generates new ideas, new initiatives and new ways of bringing the seeds of faith to life. He doesn’t avoid difficult issues but challenges people to stretch their boundaries and to view themselves as his co-workers in Christ, ministering to the wounded, the poor and the marginalized. He recognizes his parishioners’ gifts and talents and encourages and helps people to minister to one another and to the world. He leads by setting an example and he leads with joy and enthusiasm.

No bio of Fr. William would be complete without mentioning Ben, his gentle, loving and ever patient Dachshund. Wherever Fr. William is, Ben will usually be there as well, greeting people with a friendly wag of his tail – a true companion on the pilgrimage.

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